Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What chocolates can't do, music can..

Yeah, it was one of THOSE days. The day when all you want to do is call in sick from school, lie under the covers for the rest of your life and keep convincing yourself that your life's utterly miserable and fruitless. Yeah " those " days. I won't say I was a VICTIM of The Day. A voluntary victim would be more befitting. There are times when I feel that I've been happy for many days at a stretch, and that maybe being down in the dumps would be a good change for my system. Weird ideologies are me. They are the basic building blocks of my existence.

So, I woke up this one fine morning ( which, I were to realsie later, is not so fine afterall) and felt a sudden wave of self-pity washing over me. I can't even comprehend where it came from ! It just came, made me miserable, and turned a normal day into The Day. I resorted to my all-time favorite mood- up lifters : Friends. I picked up the phone in a haste, dialled the wrong number three times and gave up, frustrated. Maybe talking to equally weird people was not on the cards. So instead, I settled for the next best thing, that is, chocolates. I had three bars of Cadbury Classic, felt like throwing up, and gave up on the idea. Guess it wasn't meant to be. And then it struck me. Viola ! MUSIC.

So basically, it goes like this. I could be the worst singer you've ever come across, but I know the lyrics to EVERY song by heart. I can't strum the guitar without bruising my fingers, but I'd be the first one to point out when you've got the tune wrong. So I turned to my momentary life saver. I switched on my laptop, went through the folder named ' Favorites ', queued them in the playlist and settled down with yet another comforter, coffee.

I'm still awestruck by the way music can change your mood. IT could make you feel happy, miserable, resentful, self- pitying, and a lot more. I specifically listened to songs which gave me a well-deserved chance of blaming random people for the despondent me. When I was convinced that I had blamed possibly every breathing person in the entire world, I turned off the laptop, picked up my NCERT books and a rug, and settled in the balcony. I had that silly smile on my face. The kind of smile you have when you feel like an achiever, no matter how insignificant the feat may be.

The conclusion : Life's not too bad when you've got people to blame it on. ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

English was awesome-ness

Oh. My. god.

This was my very first thought post looking at the english question paper. And it wasn't the OMG-I'm-Gonna-Flunk kind of Oh My god, it was the the YAY-I'm-Gonna-Rock-It OMG. God, I absolutely LOVED the way my heart did a 'lil dance upon seeing the questions. I wanted to scream with delight ! (I OBVIOUSLY didn't do that, lest I should be kicked out of the examination room. :P). *sigh* Sometimes, life's seems too beautiful to be true !

Okay, I guess you've had enough of me ranting off about how I did SUPERBLY well in my English Board Exam. *smug*

By the way, I think I've convinced mom to let me go to Bhavan's. Like, convinced her enough to get her consent.

Ohhhh lalala ! I'm loving the way life is right now. And YOU, yes YOU, better keep the Green monster away from this angelic post of mine. :P

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random thoughts strike at 2:20 AM. :|

It's pretty hot today. Like, not HOT hot, but HUMID hot. It's the kind of day when all you want to do is lie in a tub full of water, listening to songs, reading a book and day-dreaming occassionally. *sigh* How I wish it could be so ! For some reason, I find writng in a journal much more comforting than writing a blog. It isn't even about privacy. It's just the way you watch your hand writing unceasingly, giving a direction to your haphazard thoughts. It's the feeling of pride a completed entry in your journal instills within you. It's about the mild pain you feel in your fingers post the whole ordeal, but know that it's worth it. It's about re-reading the past entries, running your fingers over it, and feeling the emotions you were going through at that point of time all over again. It's about all of this, and a lot more.

anyway, thanks to Sharmada, I've now been inspired to start a blog of my own. I don't expect it to be popular. I don't expect people to take time out and read the crazy and weird stuff I write. I just want to know what it feels like to write a blog. I want to let it all out right here. I just want to be me. :)