Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011, Please be kind enough to not sabotage the Resolutions :)

IT is here. Finally. 2011 ! It is hard to believe how 2010 flew by. Seems like yesterday, when we would exit our examination hall post give a Board exam, exhilarated at how we did unexpectedly well. Then came Class 11. New school, new environment, new people....And an entirely new life. I made new friends, lost some old ones ; Laughed till my stomach hurt, cried my eyes out; Swore like it was the end of the world, gracefully walked out of an argument; regretted being in a never-meant-to-be relationship, experienced the bliss of being in a satisfying one; All in all, 2010 was ONE year I'd never forget. OR even WANT to, for that matter.

New Year Resolutions. Such a fickle concept. But that has never discouraged me from INTENDING to make these never-to-be-lived-up to Resolutions every year. Just intending. :P If I can't get myself to MAKE these resolutions, I highly doubt if I'd ever be able to follow even ONE of them, let alone following them religiously.

However, as they say, you've got to start from somewhere, and my somewhere is some where here. :P
So today, I plan on listing down my Resolutions on my blog, so that whenever I visit my blog and happen to come across this post, I feel guilty of not living up to my words. Guilty enough to make an effort to follow ( and successfully, at that ) my resolutions.


1) To give more time to my family. This tops the list, any day. Lately, I've been so caught up with my school and friends that I let my family take a backseat. I intend on not letting this happen this year. Family comes first. Thus endeth.

2) To give this blessed blog the attention it deserves. A random post in every two months will not, and DOES not, suffice. At least one post every two weeks is my target for the year.

3) To stop giving a shit about people who don't do the same for me. Enough of adding on to my Karma. They don't deserve to be a part of the process. More than enough tears have been shed already.

4) To start studying seriously. Enough of I-hope-I-don't-flunk. time to get down to business.

5) Get in touch with the sports person residing within me. I let it die as soon as I entered class 10. But now, I'm going to resume falling in love with Netball. <3

6) To take initiative. I need to get done with hesitating and caring about what the world would say. They'd forget it within a matter of hours. But those things will stay with me forever.

7) To read more books. I completely neglected novels in the past year. And no, no chick lit. :P

8)To work religiously towards my aim of cracking CLAT. Yeah, I AM taking classes, but I realise that I need to put in more effort if I want to succeed. And come what may, I AM going to do it, starting from reading 'The Hindu'. :P

These eight things seem to be enough for now. Easy to follow. Not a big deal. I just hoe I have the will to continue with them, though.
Well, Amen to that. _/\_

By the way, a very Happy New Year to all my fellow bloggers. Hope you make the wise ( and difficult) decision of living up to your resolutions, too. And hope you actually follow it. :P
Love. :)