Saturday, April 30, 2011

.... And every night, he kissed me goodnight

Nothing made him divulge. her cries, her pleading, her tears, her blood.....nothing. Like a hungry python, he kept on swallowing her innocence, bit by bit, inch by inch. The insides of her nails had his flesh in them ; her insides had him. She kept screaming for mercy; screaming and shouting and pleading, until the darkness, the writhing stillness of the scenario silenced her. Her eyes went red with crying, the tears created small puddles of their own. But he, he kept going for more and more of her, hurting her, sickening her, destroying her.
And suddenly, her limbs lost the power to fight. Her brain let go of the will to self-protect. She let him enter her, deeper and deeper, let him take away her soul, making her shallower. There is this crazy look in his eyes. A look which might never die, because the lust is too vast to be quenched. a look that shall remain imprinted in her mind.....forever, and beyond. He touches every pure part of hers, sabotaging the sanctity of her existence. And as his hand travels to the south of her chest, she retches from within. She felt her hope, her happiness, her desire to LIVE being sucked in by him.
Eventually, his lunatic frenzy ended. He got up, gave her one final glare, and left the room, satisfied with tonight's performance. She hoped to give her best to her own task, too. So she got up, put on whatever was left of her clothes, and went up to the mirror hanging on the wall. With a pair of scissors in her hand, she started chopping off chunks of her hair. Her beautiful, flowing her. The tears refused to come. Just a hollow-eyed, dead mortal.
He was supposed to love her, right ? She's been through this a number of times. He was supposed to complete her, to protect her from this inexplicably evil world. He was supposed to hold her in his arms at night, waiting for her to fall asleep. He was supposed to kiss her goodnight, and be the one who woke her up in the morning. He was supposed the father he essentially was.