Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Me and myself

It’s one of those days. Days when all you want to do is scream at everybody in the vicinity, rip their head offs, tell them to shut their exponentially irritating blabber and LET PEACE PREVAIL!! Aarrgh!!
Yes, one of THOSE days. It has been sixteen long years, and I am yet to figure out as to HOW do I handle myself during these mood swings of mine. Result : An irritated bunch of friends, agitated parents and clueless me. It's not exactly my idea of a normal day.
The hardest thing bout such days is that I have to bear the brunt emotionally, mentally and materialistically. Yes, materialistically. Take today for an example. I was so rude to my mom that she confiscated my phone. My phone !! the only thing that keep me going. My air, my water, my EVERYTHING. :(
Anyway, leaving all of this aside, I've decided to change certain things about myself. Though it's hard to admit, but I agree that I lose my temper very easily. I'm too demanding, and am not willing to give in return. I expect people to understand how I feel without making any effort. I expect of them to do things for me....things that are, at times, impractical. There are days when I expect my friends to bear with everything I say or do, irrespective of the fact whether it's in keeping with what they want/like.
I'd like to change all of this about me. I love myself, with all my imperfections and perfections. But I'd like to become a better person....For everyone's sake.