Friday, March 18, 2011

I love...

I love how riding shotgun in a car with the music drowning my own voice gives me this crazy rush. Like I own the friggin' world !

I love how listening to a particular song brings back a flood of memories, gluing me to the spot. What follows is a resigned shaking of head, a Well-life's-like-that smile, linking of arms with your best friend and trying to put it all behind you.

I love how an inspirational article/video shakes me up. How it makes me introspect, makes me pick out all the unnecessary elements of life and let go of them.

I love how I make a promise to a friend, and then break it. And how she looks into your eyes, smiles, and says, " I knew you's do this. Why do you think I asked you to make a promise in the first place ? "

I love how, at times, all I want to do is listen to sad songs and cry my heart out. The way it makes me feel light is inexplicable.

I love to sit at my room's window with a mug of coffee and watch the rain drench everything. The spitter-spatter, people scurrying to find cover, children playing in the puddles, guys playing football.....Most of all, I love that smile I get from within everytime this happens.

I love how, when I'm feeling utterly defeated and purposeless, I look at my puffy eyes and snotty nose in the mirror, and start laughing. Hard. And just like that, the past one hour never happened !

I love how the only reaction my crying can get out of my friends is, " Ho gaye drame shuru ? BE A MAN ! "

I love how, at times, believing in the existence of a supernatural power makes this assuring calm descend over me. How it can put me to sleep after 3 straight nights of nothing but crying.

I love the smell of petrol. Driving into a fueling station awakens my senses. There's no sane explanation to this. IT just happens to me.

I love how I get this insane adrenaline rush whenever I'm entering a netball court for a match. IF we lose, the world seems to crumble down around me. If we win, well, IT IS PARTY TIME, BABY !!

I love how every song in your playlist suddenly starts carrying a significance to your life. Coldplay, how do you know my life story ?!

I love how, at the time of my last exam, instead of studying for it, I make plans of how to spend the holidays that would follow.

I love how you have such meaningful conversations with your best friends at the most random places possible : During an audition for the school play, the playground, while waiting in line for the school canteen, in the park outside your place....absolutely anymore.

I love how you listen to a song before any of your friends did, and you just can't get enough of yourself !

Life. Love. Lies. Laughter. A broken heart. A mended attitude. A tearful eye. An ear-to-ear grin. A lost friend. A new-found companion. The grilling school days. A calm Sunday morning.
I love everything about life....and more.

It's safe to say,
I finally feel the warmth of the day. :)


  1. I love this post.

    Super AWESOME!!
    (Those are all the thing I LOVE!)

  2. Amazing piece of work!
    loved it.... :)

    P.S- like the blog name to "A justified randomness"

  3. "I love the smell of petrol. Driving into a fueling station awakens my senses. There's no sane explanation to this. IT just happens to me."

    ditto !

    1. It is inexplicable. And it is amazing! :D