Friday, September 17, 2010

It's a Daily Soap Day. :(

I LOVE how I meet a new person in me everyday. It's like characters stepping out of a novel, facilitating my attempt at figuring myself out. Yesterday was my Daily Soap Day. That's how I refer to days when my mood swings cross all limits; when all I need is a person who'll listen to me being ecstatic, critical, sympathetic, angry, depressed....All at 10-minute intervals. Contains all the elements of a typical, melodramatic daily soap, right ?
Yesterday, my degree of sitcom-ism was exponential ! To begin with, I spent the whole night wide awake, courtesy an economics test I had to appear for ( and hadn't studied for ) . God bless Mother Nature, for bestowing upon distressed souls like moi the irreplaceable gift of coffee. Two mugs of black coffee, and I was UBER high. And when I say uber, I MEAN uber.


Proof 1 : I was listening to Justin Beiber songs at 1:30 AM. Hardly qualifies as sane, according to ANYBODY'S standards.

PROOF 2 : At 3 AM, I had this strong urge of having a packet of maggie. So the insanely high me gets up, goes to the kitchen and starts with the whole process. While battling with the VERY stubborn cover of the packet, she drops the whole thing, resulting in her laughing hysterically.
^VERY insane.

PROOF 3 : Post having maggie, my quote of random madness still needs fulfillment. So I gab hold of my cellphone, and start sending utterly random text messages to random people, like Harkirat, Noor, Anter, Ravi Kohli and Aseem.

(The text messages)
To Hark : 1.I'm having maggie at 3 A. :|
2.Meri best friend ban....ABHI !! :'( Main nhi !
PS : I thing I'm in love with my bed ki mattress. It has got flowers . EEEEEEEP ! :D

To Noor : This is an utterly random and baseless text message. Me is high on coffee. And I had maggie. At 3 AM. Me is mad. Berserk. Nutcase. Officially. I know you don't like texting. Tatti Khaa. Texting awesome. \m/
chal, changa. Sayonara !

All said and done, I kind of LIKE the high me. It makes me, and the people around me, feel all happy. The high me gives me ample excuses to laugh hysterically, jump around, tease people and get teased by them......all in good humour. No one ever minds everything I do, because they know I'm a nutcase. I just need to get it certified. :P
I've never been critical of this state of mine, though it DOES create some problems at times. But the point is, I get to laugh and have fun. I get a chance to live the way I want to, and not how others expect me to go through my life. And hey, if my craziness can get a person to smile, then what could possibly be better than this ? :)