Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Religion : No, not your personal choice

An athiest? OR maybe an agnostic ? But I DO believe in a supernatural power, right ? To be honest, I never really put much thought into this. And neither do I intend to. I don't mean it in the I'm-a-teen-so-I'm-being-a-REBEL sort of way. I've always believed that religion and belief are one's personal choice. But the kind of society we are being brought up in, it's more or less forced upon us. I am born into a Hindu family. Does that make ME a Hindu ? Is that the criteria ? I don't think so, because it is futile unless I have complete faith and undying belief in the religion. What's the point of making me memorise the Gayatri Mantra, if I feel that it wouldn't alleviate my suffering ? Another thing that bothers me is the way religion is portrayed these days. It's like the Taliban, only the stingent rules and allegedly sanctioned by God. I'm not saying that our scriptures are at fault, or that they need to be amended. I'm pretty sure that God didn't want a lady to throw herself intothe fire just because her husband died ! Sati was something invented by mankind. God loves life. He bestows life upon us, and I find it very hard to believe that He'd want us to end it in His name.

Hinduism is a beautiful religion. But there are those few people, who seek to corrupt it. DEMEAN it. Wy not let it be the way it is meant to ?! Why do we feel the need to put in our own riduculous inputs, and thus spoil the sanctity of it ? Hinduism does not ask Harijans to be treated the way they are. STILL are. IT does seek to humiliate a person just because he was born into a particular strata of the society. And I strongly believe that Hinduism does not ask its followers to treat women like they are. Why can't we be treated as EQUALS, for once ?!

All said and done, I'm still not sure about my belief. I'm not a Hindu. But definately not an athiest, either. I am human. And I like to preach humanity. Trust me, it's simply awesome. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Funny little things ! :D

Like every other realisation that hits me, this one's also absurd and completely pointless. But a realisation nonetheless. This one's about auto rickshaws. Yes, those funny-looking things, lacking any individuality whatsoever. This might seem weird, but they've SERIOUSLY not got anything of their own. The next time you hire/see one, take a closer look at it. IT doesn't fall into the two-wheeler or the four-wheeler category. It has got three wheels. And it has got that excuse for a steering that rightfully belongs to a two-wheeler, while its whole seating arrangement is a poor imitation of a four-wheeler's.

And the noise. UGH, the noisee ! Makes you want to scream and shout and pull your hair out and, and...AAAAGH ! Just, DIE ! But no. you HAVE to put up with it, because that's simply how an auto rickshaw is : I be noisy, I ain't gonna change.

Nigga be awesome. :|