Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life in the corrupt lane

I hate how we 'draw the line' everywhere. Anything that's slightly out of ordinary, and we conveniently hide behind the "limits" and the "ethics". Let's be true to ourselves, shall we ? Are we REALLY this morally upright ?

We kill in the name of religion.
We don't mind shop lifting every once in a while.
we criticize our politicians, though we don't care to do anything for the country ourselves.
We slide a note or two under the table , only to get our work done and over with.
We get illegal connections and food supplies at cheaper rates with fake IDs.
We don't think twice before carving out our names out on a tree/public property.
We smoke freely in a smoke-free city.
We get over-age players to play in tournaments, only to secure a trophy for our state.

"Life is what happens, while you're busy making your excuses. "
A line that says it all.
Let's be true to ourselves for once. Let's look into ourselves, and correct that dark, corrupt part of ours before trying to change the world.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I want to live SHS again

This blog post goes out to all of those people who made all of my SHS moments worth cherishing. I love you guys, okay ? And no matter what life does to us, our friendship, our sisterhood, you guys will always hold a special place in my heart.

I want to play rugby in the netball court. Pointless, random fun. A game without rules ( because we weren't aware of them :P ) . And then, I want to drop to the ground, exhausted, yet exhilarated. :)

I want to sit in a circle in the school grounds, devouring each other's tiffins, because our own weren't enough. Special mention to Nischal's chane, Noor's pasta, Shiru's "posh" tiffin and Anter's super-fattening paranthas.

I want to get into trouble for playing without permission, and then make lame excuses like, " We have an extremely important match tomorrow ( even though we had a week to go ). " " Noor was about to leave to get the permission signed by Sister Sebastina ( and we all stared at Noor, while she started failing miserably at fibbing. :P )

I want to stand in the school corridors with Shiru on those cold December mornings, try to get ourselves defrosted. ( 'Cause we were too cool to wear those dorky slacks. :P )

I want to fight with R.B. Singh Ma'am and Katyal Ma'am. Fight for the right, fight for us.

I want too groan everytime the tuesday tests came up, and jump with joy everytime they got cancelled/postponed.

I want to......I want to do a lot of things, and more. A blog post is too insignif1acnt and unsatisfactory for it.

I want to live Sacred Heart again. I want to live US again. :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shiny little balls - Teenage

I just found the perfect thing that symbolises teenage : those shiny little balls, which change their color everytime you shake them. Teenage is so much like those balls ! It keeps changing its hues everytime you shake it up. The colors range from the vibrant yellow to the ghastly dark orange. from the fiery red to the peaceful white. From the Gothic black to the naughty hot pink ! I find this phase of my life to be very fascinating. I am awed at how a bright sunny morning can make me feel sad at times, and how a dark, rainy day can lift my spirits. This is essentially how it is for us. Everything goes topsy-turvy from time to time.And never ever have I found this to be frustrating. All of this keeps me engaged. Makes me feel lively.
I'd like to list certain things/incidents that make me thank The One up there for this life of mine :

1. Those days when you wake up, resolute on cramming up your whole freaking NCERT book, and end up watching videos on youtube and talking to other fickle-minded souls like yourself on the phone. Ah ! Bliss. :)

2. Those times when you'd rather get yourself hit by a moving truck than attend school, but are forced by your mom to go. You get up from your bed begrudgingly, have a bath, brush your teeth and comb your hair messily, listening to angry music all the while. And then comes the newspaper. And there it is....... ' Schools shall remain closed today because of XYZ event. ' Wait a second...what ?! Yes, that grin. That's what I'm talking about. You jiggle away to glory, giving your mom a HA!-I-won smile. And you're SO excited that you're unable to go back to sleep, thus defeating the whole purpose of wanting to stay back in the first place. :P

3. The way you act all I-don't-even-think-about-you around the person you're thinking of 24/7. You become friends with him/her, and still act like you've got better things to do than have a major crush on them. And then one fine day, you tell them that you DO like them, because your friendship nullifies all awkwardness. And that moment of ecstasy when you come to know that they like you back. But you decide to let it be that way, because the bond you share is awesome as it is. But hey, who doesn't like being liked, eh ? :P

4. Those days when you're bored out of your mind, and are being made to go for your tuitions. You end up sitting in class, devising ways to either : a) Kill your teacher, b) Kill yourself, c) Kill the insanely nerdy person sitting next to you.
And then the phone at the office rings. The teacher is required to be present somewhere ASAP. Hence, the class has to be dismissed. Your grin stretches from ear-to-ear. There HAS to be a God ! :')

5. Those moments when you pick your phone up and start typing a text to your best friend And just when you are about to hit 'send', she sends a text saying , " Whatcha up to ? Me is bored out of my mind. Even SIMPSONS seems lame. :| " Souls sisters. :)

6. Those times when post being wronged by someone gravely, you give up on the very idea of getting close to someone. You decide that you're done with all of this, and that it's definitely not your cup of tea. Cool. And then.....that one person comes along. Who holds your hand, gets you out of your dejection and helps you rise to new heights, new standards. And that's when you realize the worth of that invaluable friend. A friend who can never be replaced.

7. Those days when you've cried your eyes out the previous night, and your eyes look like red golf balls. You roam about in the recess, hoping for it to end so that you can get back to wallowing in grief. Just when you are about to start leaking from your eyes again, your friend comes and walks with you, holding up a chocolate he/she bought from the canteen. Exclusively for you. And who cares if it was a Cadbury Classic, worth 10 bucks ? At least that friend of yours is invaluable, and that makes all the difference.

Yeah, all of this is from personal experience. But I feel that everyone must've experienced somewhat similar in the course of their lives. I know these days will never come back......But I shall relive these memories from time to time, only to feel like the free-spirited teenager I am. :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

.....And the girl moved on :)

I’ve always been a sucker for amorous flicks. Call me a hopeless
romantic, but these movies make me feel happy. They make me believe in
love, in the theory of soul mates, in trust and most importantly, in
happy endings. Boy meets girl, trials and tribulations, long stretches
of time spent away from one another; but none of this changes the fact
that they’ll be together in the end. Together, and happy.
Not only do I LIKE these movies, but with the passage of time, I
started BELIEVING in the events that took place in them. It’s the
cliché flow of events: Girl falls for guy, guy breaks her heart,
realises what he’s done wrong and apologises. The apologising part is
something I believed would happen. Someday. I hoped, and wished, and
prayed. I entreated with all my might that at some point of time, he’d
realise that what he did was wrong and unethical, and that maybe by
apologising to me, he’d lessen the hurt. And do you know what the
worst part is? I STILL find myself wishing for it to ensue. No, it
didn’t happen like it did in those chick flicks. The only part bearing
a slight resemblance to the movies is the part where I cried, hoped,
struggled; where I failed to put it all behind me. I always thought
that there would be a point when I would be able to say that I’m
FINALLY over the guy. A day when seeing him/his facebook profile
wouldn’t bring back a flood of memories. A day when I won’t skip a
beat every time someone mentions his name. A day when.....when the
mourning period would finally, and DEFINATELY, end. Unfortunately,
for me, the point never came. And I don’t see it coming anytime soon,
too. What he did to me was plain nasty. Something you don’t do to
girls. Something which is, I don’t know, immoral. But he did it
nonetheless. He did it, made me cry, made me regret being with him and
gave me another rationale to curse myself for not being able to let
bygones be bygones.
Now, one might ask, what’s HIS fault in all of this? His fault is that
he made me believe in him. His fault is that he made me love him, made
me forget how life was sans him. His fault is that he has turned cold
and callous now. Not very long ago, he was bothered about the reason
behind every little sigh of mine. Seeing me upset bogged HIM down. He
spent hours and hours, trying to cheer me up. Trying to make me smile.
And I got SO addicted to all the love and care that when it was taken
away from me, it left me shattered.
However, as they say, time doesn’t wait for anybody. And I’m no exception to this
rule. I will HAVE to move on; will have to get on with my life. And guess what ? I just did. I've put it all behind me. I won't say I don't care anymore, but I've learned to let the caring bit pass. not affect me like it used to earlier.
As I was writing this post, I felt it all getting out of me. The
suppressed emotions, desires, recollections...everything. And I think
that I’m pretty close to the I-have-moved-on-point. So close, that I
can almost taste it. :)