Friday, April 30, 2010

Manisha's party and the Weird Fork

Okay, so it was Manisha Oswal's birthday. Sweet Sixteen !! Yay ! Imagine a scene where six super-excited 16 year olds, all dressed to kill ( themselves :P ) enter an OMG restaurant. For the ignorant souls, OMG restaurants are those which are ridiculously posh, have ridiculously high-priced dishes with ridiculously difficult and alien-ish names. Okay, so back to the scene. We meant to enter the restaurant with the Oh-we-are-SO-posh look, but it went sorta wrong. Okay, quite wrong. FINE, VERY wrong, now would you stop tormenting me ?! Hmph. Anyway, so, just when we were about to pull-off THE look and reach our table successfully, I whispered to myself, " Hmm, kuch zyada hi andhera nhi hai yahaan pe ? How are we supposed to read the menu card? ". I SWEAR I whispered. However, this annoyingly pretty girl sitting at the table right next to the door, downing drinks like it was the end of the world, overheard my conversation with, well, me. Not only this, she actually laughed AND gave me the are-you-for-real look. Evil Ms. Drinky.

Anyway, we finally made it to our table. Then there was this race in order to reach first. No, to be honest, it was so that we could get to sit on the couch. But alas ! Me and my two friends, Noor and Aaina, had to make do with the stupid chairs. To add on to our miseries, our table was placed on a slightly raised platform thingy. So everytime I pushed back my chair, I had this feeling that I would fall. Anyway, Manisha asked us to go through the list of dishes and order a snack. I pretended I was way too decent to actually order, when the truth was that it really WAS pretty dark to read. Or maybe I need glasses. Eew !

After fifteen minutes, our order arrived. Till that time, I didn't really pay attention to the plates and forks and knives kept before us. I mean, who pays attention towards such stuff ?! It's there. Fine. End of it.
Okay, so here goes the conversation :

Manisha : Meher, you've GOT to eat something ! Come on. It's my birthday.
Me: Don't the forks look a bit weird ? :\
Noor: Okay, so it's decided. Me, Meher and Malvi would be celebrating our birthdays together, keeping our schedules in mind. WE can't possibly attend three parties in nine days !
Me : I can. Come on !
Everyone : Tu vehli hai. Commerce kahin ki.
ME : :|
Aaina : Aye haye, it's got onions AND tomatoes. I'm SO not having these peanuts.
Khyati : Nautanki. They taste so good !
Me : Look, these forks are really very weird. Honest to God !
Manisha: They're alright, villager ! Kahaan se aayi hai ?!
ME : Ohhh, NOW I geddit. They aren't for people who eat with their left hand. They're for you boring people. The right handers.
EVERYONE : (After looking at each other and my smug expression)BWAHAHAHAHAHA ! Khassa ! What are you gonna do now ? Make use of your HANDS ? Bwahaha !

Believe you me, the forks WERE pretty weird. Stupid. Impractical. After struggling with mine for a good 15 minutes ( AND being laughed at ) , I finally gave up and asked for a normal fork. Yeah, that's what I said. " Could I have a NORMAL fork please? " while holding the weird fork in the waiter's face. Hmph. Crucify me ! Whatever. For me, the highlight of the lunch WAS the fork. IT was REALLY weird. How I wish I'd clicked a picture of it !

Oh, and yeah, we had awesome fun Manisha. And your renovated home, especially your room, is something I'd readily DIE for. :D

Monday, April 26, 2010

Had life been easy to comprehend, it wouldn't have been life at all !

It's crazy how life can get all bizzare in a jiffy. How you're suddenly hit by an incident so grave that it leaves you numb. One such incident left me shaken. But it also taught me a lot of things, which are as follows :

1.Tragic news strike without prior notice. There wouldn't be an offical stamp paper saying ' Regarding the advent of a tragic piece of news'. Nah, doesn't happen that way. IT comes, turns you into a leaky tear monster and seeks sadistic pleasure in making you feel miserable.

2.You've got to believe in it in order to make it happen. Positive thinking works. It works wonders. There's a person who's holds a very important place in my life, and his awesome self was marred due to a sudden and grave incident. However, we both decided to get through it in our own way. Positive thinking. 'The Secret'. And believe you me, it worked. There wasn't an ion of doubt in my mind about the success of our plan. We both realised the intensity of the situation, but our belief in such a crude yet effective idea made it possible for us to get through the thing without being down in the dumps.

3.People you love wouldn't be around forever. no matter how hard you pray, plead or beg, nothing can change the fact that humans are mortal. The incident made me realise the importance of getting those people to know that you cherish them, that you love them with your heart and soul. Some people may find this idea obnoxious, like I did. However, you'd regret not doing it when you see the person lying on a hospital bed, with alien equipments beeping in an eerie way and you feeling utterly helpless. Don't let that happen. IT would leave you shattered.

4.I'm not the kind of person who believes in God. I'd rather call it believing in a supernatural power, not God. However, since the demise of my grandfather, life came into focus. My perspective about a lot of things changed. I started believing in something I waved off as stupdiity earlier : miracles. Ever since my grandfather died, ther's been this hollow space inside of me. A space no one can ever fill up. He was someone I looked up to, someone who made me feel safe and loved. And then, within a matter of two months, he left us. IT was all so sudden, I barely had the time to let it seep in. There's one positive thing I attach to this otherwise unfortunate incident, though. Now, whenever I have to ask for something from God, I've got a very special person sitting right beside him, who'd speed up things by whispering my wishes right into His ears. I know he does that, because I've seen my dreams come true, my wishes being fulfilled.

All in all, this has been one bizzare month. There have been some happy moments, some sad and some plain boring. But I guess that's what makes my life's randomness justified. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Those five fireflies who light up my life

There are moments in your life when you cherish having certain people as a part of your otherwise insignificant existence. When you take time out and thank God for those invaluable gifts he bestowed upon you in the form of friends. When you look at those crazy, random and occasionally weird people and feel your eyes going moist, because you know it's too short-lived. I just gave my Class X Board Examinations. Post the completion of the exams, I heard these conversations of switching schools going on all around me. The conversations did not scare me. Instead, they left me confused. I was unable to comprehend as to WHY someone would want to switch schools, when you are studying in only the best school in all of Chandigarh ?! I concluded it was something only a Non-Med or Med brain could work out, not a Commerce one. I decided to leave it all to fate. And so far, so good. :D
We, that is, me and my group of friends, went to the Sukhna Lake yesterday. The cool breeze, the breath-taking view and the still water, with waves rippling over it as if they were crystals, everything made me think. Like, REALLY think. What next ? A sleepover or a day-out scattered here and there throughout the course of the year wouldn't satiate my desire of being with my friends ! I always used to await those 15 minutes of break-time, when we would sit in a small circle in the school grounds and talk about every random topid we could manage to bring up. With such a vital part of my day missing, I don't know what could possibly keep me going ! Anyway, I'd like to keep my childish whims aside, and wish them all the luck in their lives.

I hope you all succeed in every endeavour you undertake, even if it involves changing schools, groups or states. And yeah, nevermind me. I'm just being me. Just know that I love all you people with all my heart, and wouldn't want anything omnious to befall you. Amen to that !

Friday, April 2, 2010

Living life the adult way

Okay, so this post is essentially about things/people I dislike/can't stand. Through the course of this post, you'd notice that the number of people exceeds the number of things. Anyway, continuing with the post, I'm dedicating this mainly to people who're a victim of the dreaded disease, as one of my most favorite persons says, 'regressive thinking' .

I've specifically called regressive thinking a disease. I think of it to be a mental illness. Harsh as this may sound, but people who tend to think of everything to be yet another method of a teen to defy their orders are either ill, or a bit touched in the head.

You sit on the laptop for late hours, and the only thing that strikes the patients is PORN. Look people, we are NOT sex-crazed teens who'd pounce upon every available opportunity to, umm, satiate our desires. And neither are we born perverts. If we were to watch porn, we'd do it right under your nose and you won't have the faintest idea about it !

The second, and highly irritating, presumption of theirs involves facebook. You're on facebook, talking to a guy, discussing everyday matters like movies, school, career fields, et cetera. And BANG ! There they are. The humble parents, complete with the we-know-what-you-are-upto look, suddenly whispering in your ear, " Yeh kaun hai?" ( Who's this guy? ) Look, we're old enough to realise that talking to random people on the net is not the least bit safe, and isn't a healthy practice at all. We don't NEED you spying upon us and prodding us until we honour you with a rather rude reply. And then there's the my-teen-is-out-of-my-control look in their eyes. Hmph.

The third, and probably the MOST annoying of them all, is their tendency to relate absolutely anything and everything to culture and "our way of life" . Look, if we go out clubbing, or sleepover at our friend's place, or talk to guys, it doesn't mean we are breaching our cultural limits ! It simply means we are changing with changing times, just like you did, when you were of our age. Please don't think of everything to be our way of defying you.

All said and done, I know this post can't possibly bring about a revolutionary change in the way this society is run. But hey, atleast it helped me let out all the bottled up grudges ! ;)